The most beautiful bag I've ever seen.

AND IT'S MINE! haha.

Wow I haven't posted since a really long time but I'm so busy right now! Especially with school, it's driving me crazy. I want to pass my exam so badly.

A while ago I told my mom I really wanted to have a leather old school kinda bag where my laptop could fit in. So I searched the net for a perfect one, but they were all above 300 euros. Which I found too expensive.

So yesterday my mom came into my room when I was studying (yeah right haha) and she told me she had seen the perfect bag for me! I didn't believe her (she often has wrong ideas of my taste of clothes) but I really wanted to believe her. So today I went to the shop myself and I saw the bag: love at first sight! My mom was totally right, this was the perfect bag for me!

The man in the store immediately recognized me as 'the daughter of that woman' and I told him I indeed loved the bag, but wanted to wait with purchasing it because the bag wasn't cheap and I didn't know if my mom would allow me to buy such a expensive bag.

I went home and carefully told my mom that I really loved the bag. She didn't say anything so I went back upstairs. Then she called me and said: allright go get that bag.

So as soon as I could I jumped on my scooter and purchased the bag! That's the whole 'bag story' haha. Well enough talking I will show you some pictures of the beauty.

Because of the light, the colours on the pictures are a little bit different from each other. The first pictures reflects the colour best.

The bag is hand made and made from beautiful stiff leather.

Hope you like the bag as much as I do!


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