WAIWT? 28-02-2011

So once again an oufit post from me.
I'm relatively high haha (1.80m) so I'm a little bit insecure on heels.
But it's a pity to just leave them in the closet don't you think?
I will show you guys how I look like on heels:

Detail from the blouse scarf and necklace.

Lace Blouse - H&M.
Scarf - Pieces.
Necklace - eBay.
Trousers - Vero Moda.
Heels - Invito.

Maybe I will wear my heels more often now. If I'm in the mood!


Amsterdam again.

Because I live near Amsterdam I really go there a lot. I originally went to Amsterdam today, because I'm looking for the perfect wedges but I really couldn't find them! The only ones I liked were at River Island and they were above my budget.. so to make myself a little bit happier, I bought something at River Island and Monki.

Dress from Monki.
Crazy detail from the Monki dress

Skirt from River Island, it looks big on the picture but that is because the skirt is stretched around a clothes-hanger.

Love the lace detail from the River Island skirt.

Basic vest from Monki.

I'm especially very happy with the skirt, it's from a beautiful silky fabric! Lovely for the summer.
I will continue my journey for the perfect wedges and will keep you guys updated.


I love my scooter.

Haha, I've this little 'vehicle' for a whilte and we've been through a lot together!
When the roads were slippery because of the frost I fell. Two times on two different days. Stupid Holland with his stupid winter! And before that I even collapsed on a car which was in front of me, because I didn't notice she stopped. Happily the car and me didn't have a lot damage, only my scooter has some scratches in the front. Oh and last but not least I collided a duck.. yes really, the stupid thing suddenly decided to stop in front of me and I couldn't stop anymore, the poor thing. But he's still a live and not injured! haha.

 I also have a gold helmet! But I didn't wear it on the picture because it doesn't match really well with the red coat.. haha. On this picture I'm wearing the helmet but you can not see it very well.

With my lovely girlfriend and her scooter.

So despite of the two times I fell, and my collidings I still love this thing! It brings me everywhere I want to go and I don't have to exert myself haha.


Dare: red lips!

I always wanted to have a beautiful red lipstick to spice up your outfit when it's a little bit boring.
So I searched and searched but I really wanted the 'fire red' lipstick and not a dark red or a bordeaux red one.

But today I was (by accident) at the Hema and there I found the P-E-R-F-E-C-T red lipstick!
My mother made some pictures so you guys can finally see the whole outfit including the shoes haha.

the red stuff on my hand is from the lipstick testing haha, don't worry I didn't beat somebody or something.

Leather Jacket - loooong time ago Vero moda.
Trousers - Vero moda
Scarf - Pieces
Lipstick - HEMA
Shoes (Vans) - Footlocker

The lipstick was only three euros. So if you also want to try you don't have to leave it for the price.


Summer and France.

I'm having a lovely friday night after all the tests I'm just relaxing on my own with my laptop , TV and some magazines. Tomorrow I have to work till nine.. after that I'm going out with my lovely girl friends! I hope we make a lot of pictures which I can eventually post here.

I really want to place another post so I came up with an idea: once in a while I will think of a 'theme' and I will post pictures which 'connect' with that theme.

So the theme of today is..


and especially a lot of pictures of the time I was in France with my friends.
First some pictures of myself just (Holland)

No I'm not picking my nose.. haha.

My friend has a lot of horses so I really wanted to ride one.


The camp place.

Our tent which I slept in with my girlfriend.. it was really cramped!

I l-o-v-e this pictures.

Isn't it amazing?

With a very good friend, we look tough don't we? haha.

Lovely view.

I really had to post this picture haha, charming right?

We of course also went out, this drink was called: 'swimmingpool' (but the drink is green?)

 All this pictures make me so happy! Just the idea of begin outside, my friends, having fun, sitting in the sun, and the beautiful enviroment.. sigh.. 

Hope you also enjoyed the 'summer feeling'!


WAIWT? 18-02-2011.

So finally; no tests anymore! I really almost died here locked in my room all by myself. Even with valentines day I had a date with my math books in stead of the cute curly boy. haha.
I had the last test today: history. I got up early to learn some more, but the time went faster than I thought. So I had to put some clothes on very fast.

This is the result:

Shirt: (it's a coincidence that the last WAIWT I also wore this shirt) Monki.
Trousers: (this one I bought yesterday) Vero moda.
Scarf: (also new) Pieces.
Shoes: Vans era (black)

Well the posts are getting a little bit monotonously, so I promise the next post will be about eBay instead of me me me me! haha.


WAIWT 09-02-2011.

Yeah! a new WAIWT post.
I didn't have to go to school today, so me and two guys went to this school at Amsterdam (INHolland) to look for the right (economic) continuing. It didn't help a lot because I'm now in doubt even more! But I have a couple of months left to decide, so I hope I will eventually make the right decision.

Allright, now the 'interesting' part; my outfit of today:

Short blazer - Vero Moda.
Shirt - Monki.
Skirt - H&M
Legging - Pieces
Leather bag - A really cute boutique

Not a really outstandig outfit, ah well..
I promised to write a blog about eBay, but I'm relatively busy this week.. I will do my best to post it soon!


WAIWT? 08-02-2011.

I was home early today, so I decided to make some pictures.
Here they are:

Lace blouse (as seen in my 'shop at amsterdam post') - H&M Divided.
Bag - River island.
Jeans - Pieces.
Bracelet - Six.

The next post I'm going to write is probably going to be about eBay, because there are such wonderful (new) things for such low prices! Especially really cute bracelets, rings and necklaces. It's a shame that a lot of girls don't know that. So in my next post I will explain you how it works and how you can find nice products,I will also post some pictures and prices of products as example.


I love this store.

Today I have a lazy day, so I'm going to write something about my favorite store in Amsterdam: Monki. As you could see in my post from yesterday, the most I bought is from Monki. The reason why I love that store so much is because of the diversity and the 'uniqueness'. When you are in Amsterdam, you must have been in Monki! really.

A lot of people don't know what to expect when they walk into the stoor, by example there was a girl who wore skinny jeans, uggs, and a nickelson jacket and she said: who wants to buy this shit?? haha. The atmosphere of the store is also amazing; the music, the lights, the size, the way the clothes are represent, the fitting rooms which are decorated with mirrors and have weird doors, everything! haha I sound like a girl who is in love.

One of the first things you will notice is that a lot of clothes are oversized, they love oversized clothes. They also love  'silly' clothes with crazy colors, '70 prints, etc.

Another thing which is really nice is the price of the stuff, it really isn't expensive! You can compare the prices of the clothes with the prices of the clothes at the H&M.

Enough talking, I wil strongen my sayings with some pictures.

Some clothes:

Skirt (I own this one myself, love it)

'Tough' boots.



'Wrong' printed 70's blouse.



Circle scarf (didn't see this one in the store, otherwise I had bought it!)




Circle scarf (I own this one myself)




Part of the store.

I hope you guys understand why I love this store so much, haha.