Long weekend with my lovely boyfriend.

I'm an awful blogger! Not updating enough and not thinking about updating enough. Sorry..
But now I've something to post, I've been away with my boyfriend a couple of days to what we call 'the achterhoek'.

I really love it there! It felt like I was on a holiday and it passed by so extremely fast. Happily I'm another 2 months free from school so enough time to go there again I hope :)
I'm used to the city so it was awesome to experience the 'real countryside' for a while.

Here are some pictures to give you an impression of not only the environment but also what I was wearing:

The beautiful suitcase I took, haha.

Outfit picture.
Outfit picture.
Cute huh?
Beautiful lake we found by accident.

Not sure when my next post is going to be.. try to keep it updated.


Outfit 21/05/2011

So it's been a little while, I'm still very busy with exams etc! I'm so sorry guys.
Here are some crappy webcam pictures of the outfit I wore today:

I didn't have time to make more '' professional ''' pictures, but I think you get the idea :)
When the exams are over (friday next week) I will try to post more again.


Shopping @ Amsterdam! 28/04/11.

Wow, it's been a while since I've posted something on my blog. I'm soooo extremely busy (exams) but today I wanted to 'reward' myself with a day shopping! Haha. Luckily I live near Amsterdam, it takes only 20 minutes with the bus to get there so I'm very happy with that. I will show you guys what I've bought today:

I wanted new comfortable shoes, and to be honest, I've had enough of vans. So I saw this kind of 'boat shoes' and fell in love! (Britain)

Detail of the brand. (Britain)

This is a beige vest but I only have a detail photo.  (Vero Moda)

White blouse! (Vero Moda)

White oversized shirt. (Vero Moda)

Another white blouse. (Vero Moda)

These are my babies! haha. I wanted cute sandals so here they are. (Sacha)

Detail. (Sacha)

Back. (Sacha)

Lovely pendant watch necklace. (eBay)

I just love this one. (eBay)

Well, I hope I'll pas my exams! wish me luck!



I've been with my girlfriend all day. We didn't feel like doing homework tonight so I said: let's go to Volendam on my scooter with this beautiful weather! Then we'll get a ice cream or something. As said we went to Volendam and bought an ice cream, behind the counter was a lovely lovely lovely guy haha and I think he noticed because he gave us our ice creams for free! Isn't that cute and nice?

Another thing Volendam is perfect for: making pictures! and some are really nice. So I want to share these with you guys:

I hope you guys also had an awesome day!


The most beautiful bag I've ever seen.

AND IT'S MINE! haha.

Wow I haven't posted since a really long time but I'm so busy right now! Especially with school, it's driving me crazy. I want to pass my exam so badly.

A while ago I told my mom I really wanted to have a leather old school kinda bag where my laptop could fit in. So I searched the net for a perfect one, but they were all above 300 euros. Which I found too expensive.

So yesterday my mom came into my room when I was studying (yeah right haha) and she told me she had seen the perfect bag for me! I didn't believe her (she often has wrong ideas of my taste of clothes) but I really wanted to believe her. So today I went to the shop myself and I saw the bag: love at first sight! My mom was totally right, this was the perfect bag for me!

The man in the store immediately recognized me as 'the daughter of that woman' and I told him I indeed loved the bag, but wanted to wait with purchasing it because the bag wasn't cheap and I didn't know if my mom would allow me to buy such a expensive bag.

I went home and carefully told my mom that I really loved the bag. She didn't say anything so I went back upstairs. Then she called me and said: allright go get that bag.

So as soon as I could I jumped on my scooter and purchased the bag! That's the whole 'bag story' haha. Well enough talking I will show you some pictures of the beauty.

Because of the light, the colours on the pictures are a little bit different from each other. The first pictures reflects the colour best.

The bag is hand made and made from beautiful stiff leather.

Hope you like the bag as much as I do!


WAIWT? 07/03/2011

I don't have interest things to say to be honest, so here are some pictures from the outfit I wore today:

This one is a little blurry.

Detail of my necklace.

Golden earrings.
Skirt - H&M.
Legging - Pieces.
Shirt - Vero Moda.
Blazer - Vero Moda.
Leather boots - Sacha.
Necklace - eBay.
Earrings - Pieces.



So another hobby I have besides fashion is: photography. I thought it would be nice if I tell you guys something about this and also show you some pictures.
A little while ago I went to the zoo (Artis at Amsterdam) because I just love animals. And because animals are so unpredictable it's really hard to take a picture of them. But when you do get the right picture, it gives such a rush! That's why I love making pictures of animals more than people. Animals do not pose on purpose but you have to be lucky.

Here are some pictures I took:

Such a cute monkey

Lovely pelicans


Beautiful family don't you think?

I love the colors.

Butterfly it looks like one of the leeves, awesome!

Really don't know how to call this.. I'm sorry haha


Another butterfly

I'm very busy lately so I don't make a lot pictures anymore. When the summervacation begins, I'm going to take a lot of pictures! Especially when I'm in Londen with my lovely girlfriends.

This makes me realise even more how much I'm looking forward to the summer vacation! But first a very busy period at school with exams, exams exams and oh yeah, exams... sigh.. I hope I'll pass..

I hope you guys are less stressed out as I am at the moment, haha.