So another hobby I have besides fashion is: photography. I thought it would be nice if I tell you guys something about this and also show you some pictures.
A little while ago I went to the zoo (Artis at Amsterdam) because I just love animals. And because animals are so unpredictable it's really hard to take a picture of them. But when you do get the right picture, it gives such a rush! That's why I love making pictures of animals more than people. Animals do not pose on purpose but you have to be lucky.

Here are some pictures I took:

Such a cute monkey

Lovely pelicans


Beautiful family don't you think?

I love the colors.

Butterfly it looks like one of the leeves, awesome!

Really don't know how to call this.. I'm sorry haha


Another butterfly

I'm very busy lately so I don't make a lot pictures anymore. When the summervacation begins, I'm going to take a lot of pictures! Especially when I'm in Londen with my lovely girlfriends.

This makes me realise even more how much I'm looking forward to the summer vacation! But first a very busy period at school with exams, exams exams and oh yeah, exams... sigh.. I hope I'll pass..

I hope you guys are less stressed out as I am at the moment, haha.


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