Summer and France.

I'm having a lovely friday night after all the tests I'm just relaxing on my own with my laptop , TV and some magazines. Tomorrow I have to work till nine.. after that I'm going out with my lovely girl friends! I hope we make a lot of pictures which I can eventually post here.

I really want to place another post so I came up with an idea: once in a while I will think of a 'theme' and I will post pictures which 'connect' with that theme.

So the theme of today is..


and especially a lot of pictures of the time I was in France with my friends.
First some pictures of myself just (Holland)

No I'm not picking my nose.. haha.

My friend has a lot of horses so I really wanted to ride one.


The camp place.

Our tent which I slept in with my girlfriend.. it was really cramped!

I l-o-v-e this pictures.

Isn't it amazing?

With a very good friend, we look tough don't we? haha.

Lovely view.

I really had to post this picture haha, charming right?

We of course also went out, this drink was called: 'swimmingpool' (but the drink is green?)

 All this pictures make me so happy! Just the idea of begin outside, my friends, having fun, sitting in the sun, and the beautiful enviroment.. sigh.. 

Hope you also enjoyed the 'summer feeling'!


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