I love my scooter.

Haha, I've this little 'vehicle' for a whilte and we've been through a lot together!
When the roads were slippery because of the frost I fell. Two times on two different days. Stupid Holland with his stupid winter! And before that I even collapsed on a car which was in front of me, because I didn't notice she stopped. Happily the car and me didn't have a lot damage, only my scooter has some scratches in the front. Oh and last but not least I collided a duck.. yes really, the stupid thing suddenly decided to stop in front of me and I couldn't stop anymore, the poor thing. But he's still a live and not injured! haha.

 I also have a gold helmet! But I didn't wear it on the picture because it doesn't match really well with the red coat.. haha. On this picture I'm wearing the helmet but you can not see it very well.

With my lovely girlfriend and her scooter.

So despite of the two times I fell, and my collidings I still love this thing! It brings me everywhere I want to go and I don't have to exert myself haha.


2 opmerkingen:

  1. je hebt echt een leuke blog, ik volg je!

  2. Thanks! ik heb net ook even jouw blog doorgekeken en jij hebt ook een erg leuke blog. Ik volg jou dus ook haha!